Making money is fun!

Mr. Bigshot is about everyone’s favorite past-time: Making Money! And with Mr. Bigshot, you can make scads of money. You’ll go back in time – over 50 years – and invest in famous companies as if you were there. All of the companies, data, and ratings are real, historical and authentic. And just like in Fantasy Sports, you’ll choose a team of companies and see how they perform over time. The action is fast, and the money is big. Challenge your friends to see who is the real Bigshot.

Mr. Bigshot has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes and Bloomberg.

USER WARNING: (Does anybody actually read these?)

You may learn something when playing Mr. Bigshot, which means the number of brain cells inside your head will increase. The increase in brain cells will not swell your head. But beating your friends on a regular basis may swell your head. Mr. Bigshot is not responsible if your head swells. Players are responsible for keeping their egos in check.

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