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  Friday, May 22,2015  

WELCOME TO MR. BIGSHOT ... the Bodacious, award winning Stock Market Game. 

Mr. Bigshot is working to create the best Financial Literacy App on the planet, and we have some "Big Wow" updates planned. Stay tuned for updates.



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What Are the Historical Bear-Market Triggers? - Chris Ciovacco, Ciovacco

America's 1 Million Missing Entrepreneurs - Jim Tankersley, Wonkblog

What Fuels the 'Rocket Man'? A Theory of Elon Musk - Will Oremus, Slate

It Really Is Nearly Impossible to Fire a Federal Worker - Kevin Kosar, WS

Millennials: 'Generation Subprime' - Jason Gold, U.S. News & World Report

The Fate Of the Fed's Exit Strategy Is In Foreign Hands - Jeff Snider, RCM





  Sunday, March 29,2015  

The BUZZ about Mr. Bigshot

Washington Post: Mr. Bigshot is actually rather fun. This stock market game isn't too complicated and, in a basic way, simulates individual stock investing.

Kiplinger's: “It's tough to create products that are both educational and entertaining. In the games category, Mr. Bigshot comes up a winner.”

Wall Street Journal:  “This is one investing game that’s educational and entertaining. Kids can learn more about how financial markets work and begin to understand stocks better."

GameSpy: “The game has crisp graphics and rich colors …The desire to win takes hold quickly, and no matter who you're playing against, all you want is to come out on top.”

Businessweek.: “You can't turn back the clock, but you can play Mr. Bigshot, a game that lets you act out some of those investment fantasies while learning about trading stocks.”

Bloomberg: “Mr. Bigshot induces that feeling of agonized anticipation so beloved of traders and speculators.”


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