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Mr. Bigshot gives a second chance of making money in the Stock Market – the Ultimate Do-Over. Players go back in time – over 50 years – and invest like it was the very first time. All of the companies, data and ratings are real, historical and authentic. The thrills & spills feel real, because they are!

It’s simple to play, not boring or intimidating. And the multi-player feature is great for playing with friends and family. One last thing – if you reach 1 Billion dollars, you’ll find out the secret to successful investing – now that is priceless!

How it works? You go back in time and invest like it was the very first time. All of the companies, data and ratings are real, historical and authentic. This produces an ingenious mixture of history, money and acceleration.

You’ll zoom through years in minutes, and experience 50 years in a fraction of the time. Talk about accelerated learning! It’s the perfect way to experience the thrill and excitement of the Stock Market.

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Mr. Bigshot is like Draft Kings, except you pick star-studded companies instead of athletes.

Step 1: Pick from famous companies and form your Team, using actual ratings and data

Step 2: Invest money in your Team

Step 3: Manage your Team’s performance over 5 random years – this gets intense!

BOOM! The Player with the best performance wins!

The Fun… Making Money! It’s America’s favorite pastime.

The Challenge: Can you turn 50K into 1 Million? A Million into a Billion?

The Question: Can you out-invest your friends?

The Lesson: How history and events affect the market.

The Numbers: Pay attention to the data, it makes a difference

The Problem Solved: Financial Literacy experts have found that participating in a stock market competition does more to improve Financial Literacy than an entire course on money management. However, less than 25% of students have done so. Nothing like an electric, free app and worldwide distribution to simply solve a problem!

The Why: Competing for money gets the adrenaline pumping like nothing else. Competition motivates students to pay acute attention and dig into the details. That’s why participating in a stock market game is more effective than an entire money management course. (More info at

USER WARNING: (Does anybody actually read these?)

You may learn something when playing Mr. Bigshot, which means the number of brain cells inside your head will increase. The increase in brain cells will not swell your head. But beating your friends on a regular basis may swell your head. Mr. Bigshot is not responsible if your head swells. Players are responsible for keeping their egos in check.

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