Mr. Bigshot has Educational Value?

Okay, let’s get this straight. Mr. Bigshot was not intended to be an educational game. Educational games are BORING. Mr. Bigshot is absolutely NOT BORING! It’s Number 1 goal is to be exciting and fun (Isn’t that two goals?). But we can’t help it if players learn some valuable lessons and actually exercise their brain. Let’s review the plethora of educational content inside the game (that we are not officially taking credit for).

Three Key Investing Lessons

  1. Diversify to lower risk
  2. Invest in the long term. Market dips and disruptions are temporary.
  3. If you own a basket of high quality stocks, you will make money!

Historical Events

A number of historical events are highlighted and it’s kinda cool revisiting the past and seeing how it affects the market. History may not repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes.

Shark Tank: Investing Savviness

In the popular show “Shark Tank”, what are the key questions the Sharks ask the entrepreneurs? They typically ask: What is your product? How much money has it made? How much is it projected to make?

Players are given the same opportunity to be Sharks and invest in companies. When you invest in a company, you are taking a stake, you become a partial owner of that company. When you buy the stock of a company, you own a piece of that company. So before you invest in a company, you need to ask the same questions as the Sharks.

You Gotta Know Your Numbers

The constant exposure to percentages, ratios, and prices help spark critical thinking. How does the percentage impact how much money I make?   How do the ratios and ratings reflect the quality of the company? Let’s face it, people pay attention to the details when it comes to money! Players are riveted to the graph as it plots out the investment percentages.

Quotable Quotes

Some sage advice from the best minds is seamlessly included for your viewing pleasure.

Accelerated Learning
Controlling time is awesome, because it can be accelerated. You’ll zoom through years in minutes, and experience 50 years in a fraction of the time. Players experience a lifetime of investing in teeny tiny amount of time.

Memory Workout

Can players memorize the game and therefore take advantage? Of course they can! But that’s okay. Think about it:  if someone memorized the Dictionary, they could win every Spelling Bee! Therefore, Mr. Bigshot encourages Memorization.